The Yosemite Democrats help our party across the nation by fighting for progress and helping elect Democrats across the country to state government, Congress, and the White House. There are several core beliefs that tie our party together: Democrats believe that we’re greater together than we are on our own—that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. Our party is focused on building an economy that lifts up all Americans, not just those at the top. That’s why Democrats are working to make progress on issues like job creation, equal pay, education, health care, and clean energy.

The Yosemite Democrats Primary Club Goals:

  • Promoting awareness of Democratic Party initiatives;
  • Partnering with other local clubs in outreach, fund-raising, and social events;
  • Supporting local and national candidates;
  • Increasing our membership;
  • Addressing the challenge of climate change and seizing our clean-energy future;
  • Defending civil rights and expanding opportunity for all Americans;
  • Developing a dialogue with people who hold different viewpoints.
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Party Voices: